Reiser offers a complete range of innovative sausage processing and packaging equipment.

With more than 50 years of experience, Reiser is the industry's leading supplier of sausage manufacturing, processing and stuffing equipment. From Seydelmann grinders, cutters and emulsifiers to Vemag portioning stuffers and linking equipment, our full line of machines and attachments can be optimized for sausage plants and sausage kitchens of all sizes. Our extensive experience allows us to create innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a single stuffer or a fully integrated line, Reiser offers the perfect solution for your business.

At the heart of the sausage-making process lies the Vemag Stuffer. The Vemag provides the highest levels of production and portioning accuracy while producing a superior looking sausage. Its modular construction allows the Vemag to be configured for virtually any processor and can be reconfigured as the application or requirements change. A variety of Vemag attachments – grinders, linkers, link cutters, hangers and more – will maximize your efficiency, optimize your productivity and help you produce a higher quality sausage.

When you're ready to package your sausage, our full line of Repak form/fill/seal packaging machines, Ross tray sealers, Fabbri stretch wrappers and Supervac vacuum chamber machines will help keep your product fresh and looking its best. Reiser packaging equipment offers you the highest levels of efficiency, flexibility, speed and reliability.

Equipment includes:
Vemag - Stuffers, fillers, portioners, grinders, linkers, link cutters, and hangers
Vemag Anlagenbau - Hot-smoking, cooking and cooling installations, climatic maturing and post maturing installations, thawing installations
Holac - Dicers, slicers, and cutting equipment
AMFEC - Mixers, blenders, tumblers, massagers, and macerators
Ross - Tenderizers, meat presses, slicers and BLC impingement tunnels
- Injectors, tenderizers, brine mixers, and tanks
Seydelmann - Bowl cutters, mixers, grinders, mixing grinders, and emulsifiers
Ross - Tray sealers for case-ready and modified atmosphere packaging
Repak - Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines
Supervac - Automatic vacuum chamber packaging machines
Fabbri Group - Automatic stretch film wrapping machines
VARIOVAC - Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines
JLS - Robotic packaging solutions