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Straight Stuffing


Vemag Straight Stuffing

  • Straight stuff all types of sausage products using any type of casing
  • Ideal for large diameter deli logs
  • The Vemag provides smear-free stuffing and the highest levels of product quality
  • The reliable Vemag is a proven workhorse with thousands of installations worldwide

The Vemag Sausage Stuffer is available in a wide variety of machine sizes to fit any sausage plant or sausage kitchen. Its modular construction allows the Vemag to be configured for virtually any application and reconfigured as applications or requirements change. With thousands of installations worldwide, the Vemag is proven to be versatile, reliable, and easily adaptable to perform a wide variety of functions.

Vemag Stuffers can produce sausage in all types of casings – natural, collagen and cellulose, as well as coextruded gel casings. It provides the highest levels of product quality while producing a superior looking sausage. The Vemag Sausage Stuffer is fast and easy to clean, allowing frequent product changes. The Vemag will optimize your efficiency and maximize your productivity.

The Vemag is available with two types of feed elements – a positive displacement double-screw pump or a rotary vane pump.

The powerful double-screw pump provides the highest level of portioning accuracy and smear-free stuffing. The double-screw transports product for filling from the hopper feed to the outlet of the machine extremely gently and without product degradation – important for products containing large pieces. The virtually friction-free conveying of the product for filling guarantees extremely weight-accurate portioning. The broad range of double screw designs allows the machine to be adapted perfectly to suit different products and pumping outputs. The double screws can be quickly replaced and are also very easy to clean.

The rotary vane pump is ideal for smaller products and more liquid-type products. It transports the product for filling extremely gently from the hopper feeding unit to the machine outlet.

When it comes to straight filling, the Vemag outperforms all other stuffers and fillers.